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About us

Get to know the story of the people behind Boostn and the core values of our team.

Our story

Built by marketers, for marketers.

Boostn is the result of a challenge that we, as founders, had to face every day in our previous jobs.

When you're dealing with a SaaS or e-commerce, designers and developers need to focus primarily on the platform, which is the core asset of these businesses. Product roadmaps will take up almost all of the development time, leaving little room for marketing experiments. Marketers thus need to be as autonomous as possible.

Hence the idea for Boostn: a toolkit to give marketers everything they need to manage all aspects of an on-site engagement campaign, from designing a popup to defining its targeting rules. This way, you can focus on what really matters – engaging your audience and boost conversions.

We hope you enjoy it 🙂

Our values

This is how we work

Customers first

We shaped Boostn on our own needs but we're eager to learn your feedback, keep improving, and help you succeed.

Less is more

Things don't have to be complicated. Boostn provides you with the features you need, with a focus on simplicity.

Have fun

Our team is 100% remote and spread across multiple countries. We work hard but also play hard. That’s how you excel at your job.