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How to create and customize a booster

Create your first on-site message with Boostn by selecting a template.

Image representing the opening of the Template Chooser on Boostn

The template selection represents the starting point to create your popup, bar, slide-out, or page cover. Next, you'll be able to fully customize content and style to fit your use case and match the look-and-feel of your site. You can also add teaser previews and success steps.

Image representing the Boostn's configurator

Select a target audience and trigger the booster

Once you've created your on-site message, you'll decide who to show it to and when.

Image representing the different triggers available with Boostn

First, pick a trigger event upon which the booster will be displayed. Then, limit your booster exposure only to your target users by using the audience filters. Additionally, you can narrow down your campaign to specific days or times by tweaking the scheduling rules.

Image representing the page URL filter available with Boostn

How to install Boostn on a site

You can install Boostn on your site by copy-pasting a code snippet into all of its pages.

Image representing the Boostn embedding page

We also have an advanced guide for developers that explains how to use the Boostn.js SDK to take advantage of the callbacks available with Boostn, or to create custom trigger events for your boosters.

Check out the dashboard

After you log in, you have access to your Boostn Dashboard.

Image representing the Booster stats on Boostn

From the dashboard, you can create and manage projects to use Boostn on multiple sites. Plus, for each one of your projects, you can:

Connect Boostn to other services

Boostn comes with a bunch of built-in third-party integrations. You can use them to connect Boostn to other services.

Image representing the Google Analytics integration available on Boostn

For advanced use cases, for instance if you want to link Boostn with your own db, you can also connect a webhook to any of your projects.

Update your profile and change email or password

From the Account page, you can manage your Boostn profile. Specifically, you can add first and last name (optional), update your email address, or change your password.

Image representing the Account page on Boostn

Update plan, payment method, and invoicing information

From the Billing page, you can manage your Boostn subscription. Specifically, you can update your plan, add or remove payment methods, as well as edit your invoicing information.

Image representing the Billing page on Boostn