Content and style customization

Once you select a template to start with, you'll be able to customize all the details of your on-site message in terms of content, style, as well as any other settings.

Also, whenever you make a change, you'll see a preview of your edits on the right.

Image representing the Boostn's configurator

Let's go through all the available options.


From the Build section, you can edit the content of your new booster.

Specifically, under Texts you'll see a field for each booster element for which you can customize the copy. The available fields of course depend on the selected template. For instance, you may have fields to edit titles, descriptions, etc.

Besides that, from the Build section you can also switch to a completely different template.

Lastly, under Settings you'll find all the other options available for the given template. Again, different templates come with different settings, such as the option to set a redirect URL in case of submit, to choose an animation for displaying the message, to make it sticky, etc.

Additional steps

On top of the main message (or booster), some templates allow you to add additional steps.

These are basically extra messages shown before the main content or upon booster submission. The first is a teaser step, while the latter is a success message.

Both can be enabled and customized in terms of content and other settings directly from within the Build section.


From the Style section instead, you can customize the appearance of your booster and make it seamlessly integrated into your site.

Under Container, you can change the position of the on-site message on the page as well as edit background color, backdrop color, and border radius. As usual, different options are available according to the template.

Under Typography, you'll find a set of options for adjusting font family, size, colors, and alignment of all the booster elements. If the booster includes one or more buttons, you'll be also able to customize their appearance.

Finally, in case of templates that include teaser or success messages, here you'll find some options to also tweak their style. Note that for the extra steps, some of the styling settings can't be edited because inherited from the main booster for consistency.

How to edit a pre-existing booster

All these changes can be applied later, after the booster has been created.

Starting from your dashboard, you can actually re-open the configurator of a pre-existing booster at any time to enable/disable it, modify it, or completely delete it.