Data visualization and export

If you've created one or more boosters that include a form, for instance to request feedback from your users or to capture information about a lead, you'll have the possibility to access a recap page showing the collected data.

To open this screen:

  • Go to the Projects page
  • Open one of your projects
  • Click on the Show data button of one of the boosters that includes a form

The Show data button looks like this:

Image representing the button used to access the booster's data on Boostn

Once you open the recap page with the collected data, you'll be also able to filter by date using the inputs at the top right. Finally, with the Download CSV button in the top right corner, you can export the displayed data.

Image representing the recap page with the booster's data on Boostn

In case you want to have a general look at the booster's performance in terms of impressions, clicks, and other key stats, check out the Stats page instead.