Audience filters and target selection

Filters are basically the targeting rules used to define the specific segment of users that should actually be exposed to a certain booster once its trigger event is fired. Consider also that the booster will show up as long as any additional scheduling rules you may have set are also being matched.

Let's look at all the filters available with Boostn.

Page URL

When the trigger event is fired, the booster is actually displayed only if the page URL meets at least one of the conditions specified by using this filter.

Click on the Add condition button to add as many page URL filters as you like. Just be aware that, in this case, there's an OR relationship between all of these conditions.

Lastly, note there's a dropdown menu that allows you to choose between Contains, Doesn't contain, or Equal to for any of the URL filters you're going to set up.

Image representing the page URL filter available with Boostn


With this filter, you can set the amount of pageviews made by the same user starting from which the booster should be displayed. Of course, this is going to happen only if any other targeting rule is also met.

Besides this, take into account that, if you add URL filters as well as a pageviews filter, pageviews will be counted only on the pages that match the URL filters.

Image representing the pageviews filter available with Boostn


By default, any booster is displayed whenever its conditions are met. However, you can limit the display frequency enabling the corresponding setting. Specifically, you can choose among the following options:

  • Show only once – Each user will see the booster only once
  • Show once per session – Each user will see the booster only once upon a single visit to the site. When the message is shown, it won't reappear again until the next session
  • Show once every x days – If you enable this option, an additional setting will appear to let you also select the amount of days. Basically, the booster at hand will only be displayed to the same user once every given amount of days

Of course, frequency settings are mutually exclusive. If you activate the frequency filter, you'll have to choose only one of the above mentioned options.

Image representing the frequency option available with Boostn

Stop conditions

Stop conditions can be used to block the execution of a booster on users who have already been exposed to it. There are three criteria upon which you can stop the booster:

  • After a submit – If the booster includes a form, you've probably achieved your goal upon submit. So, it doesn't make sense to keep displaying the booster to users who have already converted. This option is designed exactly to prevent this
  • Once closed – In other circumstances, to avoid annoyance, you can decide to stop the execution of the booster when the user interacts with it by closing it
  • After x booster views – If you enable this option, an additional setting will appear to let you also select the amount of views. Basically, here the booster will stop running after being shown a certain number of times

Stop conditions coexist with each other. Therefore, you can activate more than one at the same time and for the same booster.

Image representing the stop conditions available with Boostn


This filter allows you to add or exclude countries from your target audience. By enabling it, the booster will be displayed only to users that connect (or don't connect) from specific locations.

You'll need to specify the locations to include (or exclude) from your target one by one. For each country added by clicking on the Add location button, you can then use the dedicated dropdown menu to define whether the location at hand is a Show for or a Don't show location.

Image representing the location filter available with Boostn


Using this filter, you can choose to display a certain booster only on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) or on desktop. By default, boosters are displayed on any device if you don't enable this filter.

Image representing the device filter available with Boostn