Activating, editing, and deleting a pre-existing booster

If at some point you want to edit a previously created booster, simply head to your dashboard and open the Boosters tab of the project you need to work on.

Image representing the Boosters tab available on Boostn

Here you'll see a preview of all your boosters. From the preview, you're able to:

  • Enable or disable the visualization of the booster on your site by using the toggle at the top right
  • Access the data collected by the booster (in case it contains a form) and view its stats by clicking on the first two buttons at the bottom left
  • Open the configurator to update any detail of the booster by clicking on the button with the pencil icon
  • Permanently delete the booster with the trash bin icon button

Check out the dedicated articles for more information on viewing and downloading any data collected by the booster, and on the booster stats.