Campaign scheduling rules

By default, all boosters are always displayed whenever the trigger event is fired and any other targeting rules (or filters) are matched. However, you can additionally set up some scheduling rules if you want to also bind your booster display to a time-based logic.

For instance, you can create a campaign that has a start date and an end date. Or maybe you want to build a booster that is only triggered on specific days of the week and/or at specific times.

Image representing the scheduling rules available with Boostn

To achieve the desired result, you can of course enable and configure multiple scheduling rules at the same time. They'll be linked to each other by an AND logic.

Now, let's dive deeper into the various scheduling rules available with Boostn.


Your first option is to show the booster only on specific dates. When you turn it on, in this case you'll just have to define start and end dates of your campaign.

Image representing the scheduling by date rule available with Boostn


Then, you can choose specific days of the week to display your booster. For instance, you can make it trigger only from Monday to Friday.

Image representing the scheduling by weekdays rule available with Boostn


Additionally, you can display the booster only at specific times of the day. This option works great together with the Weekdays rule to create for instance an on-site message that is shown only during your opening hours.

Image representing the scheduling by hours rule available with Boostn


All the scheduling rules we've seen so far by default are based on your users' timezone. For instance, if you're scheduling a booster from 10am to 6pm, it'll be displayed if the current time in the user's timezone matches this criteria.

However, you can force the reference timezone by using the dedicated setting. This way, you can ensure that the booster is triggered only if the other scheduling rules are met in a timezone of your choice, regardless of the user's timezone.

Image representing the scheduling timezone rule available with Boostn