Addition of teasers and success steps

Some templates allow you to create extra steps.

This means that, on top of the main message (or booster), you'll be able to add additional messages shown before the main content or upon booster submission. The first is a teaser step, while the latter is a success message.

Enable them by using the dedicated toggles in the Build section, under the Teaser and the Success tabs:

Image representing how to activate teaser and success steps on Boostn

If these tabs are missing, it means that the template you're working on doesn't include teasers or success messages.

Once the teaser and/or success is enabled, you can customize any content and settings directly from within the Build section, while you'll have to navigate to the Style section for editing the appearance. The options to customize content and style are similar to the ones available for the main message.

Note that some of the styling settings can't be edited because inherited from the main booster for consistency.

Change teaser template

While for the success message the template is inherited from the booster, for the teaser you can switch to a different template by using the dedicated option available in the Build section.

Image representing the different teaser templates available on Boostn

Keep in mind that, if you change teaser template after editing it, the updates will be lost. However, any other changes made to the booster will be kept.

How to add teaser and success step to a pre-existing booster

Teasers and success steps can be also enabled later, after the booster has been created.

Starting from your dashboard, you can actually re-open the configurator of a pre-existing booster at any time to enable/disable it, modify it (including the addition of teasers and success steps), or completely delete it.