Template selection

Get started with one of our pre-built templates to create your on-site messages.

To choose a template, click on one of the Start boosting buttons on the site, for instance on the homepage. Alternatively, if you're logged in, just go to Boosters and click on New booster.

Image representing the opening of the Template Chooser on Boostn

Next, you'll have to pick your conversion goal.

Depending on what you're trying to achieve, we'll present you with the most suitable templates for the purpose. Specifically, you can choose from:

  • Sell – A set of templates built to showcase products, services as well as to share coupon codes or to highlight promotions
  • Grow – Contact forms, newsletter subscription forms, and other templates designed to help you capture more leads
  • Learn – Surveys and feedback widgets to get to know your users, customers, and leads
  • Highlight – Simple templates to be used to share a message or give emphasis to a call-to-action

Once you pick a goal, you'll be able to keep filtering through the available templates based on the container type by choosing from:

  • Popups – Small windows that pop up over your web pages
  • Slide-outs – Panels that slide out from a side of your web page
  • Bars – Notification bars displayed on the top or bottom of your site
  • Page covers – Full-screen windows displayed over your web page

Image representing the different container types available on Boostn

Eventually, you'll see the templates, with the option to slide through them or switch to a full-screen view depending on your preferences.

Whenever you want, you can use the dedicated dropdown menus to change your filters and browse through different templates.

Image representing how to browse between different templates on Boostn

Now, click on Choose to complete your selection and start customizing your on-site message.