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Each site on which you install Boostn. The nice thing is that Boostn allows you to manage unlimited sites (or projects) from the same dashboard. Very useful if you're an agency and want to use it on multiple client sites.

An impression is counted whenever a booster is displayed to one of your users. The impressions included in your plan can be shared across all the sites/projects managed within your dashboard.

It's simple. After signing up, you'll get 14 days to try Boostn for free without any limitation. And you can get started with no credit card. When the trial ends, you'll be able to pick a payment method and subscribe if you wish to keep using Boostn.

That's how we call any on-site message (such as a popup, a bar, or a page cover) created with Boostn. You can create as many boosters as you want.

We're in beta, which is why in the beginning we won't be strict with counting your impressions. If you exceed the threshold significantly, we'll get in touch with you to offer a tailored plan.

You get an additional 14 days after the purchase to request a full refund. No questions asked.