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Use cases

Some of the cool ways you can use the on-site messages created with Boostn.

Conversion goal: Sell

Boost sales or upgrades, highlight a special offer

Push for sales or upgrades by featuring a product, service, or feature to a segment of your users. Highlight targeted coupon codes and promotions.


Launch a cross-selling popup campaign and suggest related products or services whenever a customer completes a purchase.


Trigger a popup when a customer is about to purchase to promote a more expensive version of the desired product or service.


Push your customers to upgrade if there's a new version of a product they purchased or a higher plan of a service they're using.


Segment your audience and use dedicated popups to promote specific products/services to any user in the targeted groups.


Use a banner or an attention-grabbing teaser to share coupon codes, advertise special offers, or promote any other kind of deal.

Cart abandonment

Detect if someone is about to leave without purchasing, display an exit-intent popup, and offer an incentive to proceed to the checkout.

Yearly payments

Use a popup to push your customers to choose yearly payments when purchasing or renewing your subscription service.

Conversion goal: Grow

Collect leads and emails, push for interactions

Collect more leads by nudging your visitors to book a demo or contact your support team. Use a lead magnet to expand your mailing list.


Use a popup to invite new and returning visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and stay up-to-date with your latest news.


If a logged-in user hasn't subscribed to your newsletter, ask for consent with a popup and expand your reach.


Create a popup or a slide-out lead magnet and offer premium contents to your visitors in exchange for their email.


Invite your visitors to sign up or to start a free trial with a dedicated popup displayed upon their first visit to your site.


Trigger a popup with a contact form on specific pages so that your audience can get in touch with your support team.


Segment your audience and propose sales calls or demos when they visit certain pages or fall within a specific target.


If a user gets stuck during the onboarding or while activating a specific service, display a message and offer some help.


If you have a referral program, display a top/bottom bar, a slide-out, or a popup message to push your users to join it.

Conversion goal: Learn

Conduct user surveys or collect feedback

Improve your product or service by gathering user insights. Collect feedback through surveys and optimize your roadmap.


Ask your audience to take a quick survey to understand who they are and gather key information for your business.


Ask your customers to provide feedback about your products or services, the quality of your customer care, or your site.

Roadmap tips

Learn from your users what features they want next, prioritize your roadmap, and add value to your product.

Conversion goal: Highlight

Highlight new content and updates, foster sharing

Let your users know about new products, services, or features. Bring their attention to useful content or updates.


Display bars or popups to any user who hasn't been exposed to the news whenever you introduce features or launch a product.

New content

Display bars, slide-outs, and popups to notify your audience about new blog posts or any other content to promote.


Use a popup triggered at the right time to urge your readers to share a piece of content, such as a blog post they just read.


Expand your social reach by inviting returning visitors or customers to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, or other channels.


Use a custom event to trigger alerts, success messages, or any other kind of notification based on what your users are doing.